Transition Exeter

Transition Exeter is a local response to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship, and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. Our aims are to:

  • Increase the quality of life in Exeter, aiming for a healthier, happier and more empowered community
  • Reduce our negative impacts on the environment
  • Reduce the negative impacts on us of climate change

Exeter Re-Use Project | REPAIR IT Event


Transition Exeter are working with Devon County Council’s Re-use Project to run a community led household electrical appliance repair event called REPAIR IT. 

The Exeter Green Fayre

Come and join Transition Exeter, Exeter Pound and over 25 other stalls at the South West's longest running annual environmental fair: The Exeter Green Fayre.

Transition Exeter AGM and Poetry Evening

from 6.30pm Tuesday 26th July at the Rusty Bike pub

AGM 6.30 - 7.30pm followed by 

Poetry and Music from 7.45pm with Adelia, singer songwriter.

Do you want to compost?

Do you want to have a smell-free bin?

Do you want to reduce landfill waste?


Calling keen cyclists and food waste haters!

FoodCycle Exeter is looking for cycling (or driving) volunteers to help collect and transport surplus 'waste' food every Monday evening from 6pm-7pm.

Exeter Pound Launch £E4.50 note


Saturday 30th July, 12.00 pm. Custom House, The Quay

The note celebrates the 450th anniversary of the Exeter Canal and shows a historic picture on one side and on the other a contemporary design.  The new note will arrive by boat at the Quay, and be received by the Lord Mayor. There will be refreshments in the Custom House to which all EP users are invited, together with an Exeter Pound exchange point.

Pensions at risk

Devon Pension Fund has £215 million invested in fossil fuel companies. This money will be at risk if policies to mitigate climate change are effective.

Devon New Economy Gathering


Exploring how to build a fairer, earth-friendly economy locally.

See the report and summing-up video

Dear friends

Money Transition Exeter has achieved a great deal over the last few years – generating projects on food, energy and most recently, a local currency, holding public information meetings, conversations with Exeter City Council about transport plans, city growth, housing, and energy, and supporting anticonsumerist groups and skill sharing for low carbon lifestyles.

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